Alavi Sensei
President FSKAI (Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association India)
President AVICENNA (Avicenna Marma Training Center)
President KGF (Kallingal Family Group)
Founder TYC ( Thasfiya Yoga Centre)

Alavi Sensei is an incredible Martial Artist in India with an implausible and improbable 40 years of experience in Martial Arts including KARATE, KUNG- FU, KOBUDO, KALARI and YOGA. Currently, he is the President and Chief Instructor of Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association International, FSKAI. A club he found in 2nd September 2010.

Sensei started his training in Karate at the age of 14. Sensei V.R. Pradeep was his first instructor at Shotokan Karate training centre in Malappuram Dist. Kerala under Sensei Bonnie Roberts from Sri Lanka. He continued his training under Sensei Bonnie Roberts till his Brown Belt and then took his Shodan Black Belt from the KBI Grand Master Chew Choo Soot (Malaysia) who came to Kerala in January 1987.

In December 1996, he earned the crown of All India Karate Kata Championship held at Kolkotta. He was also awarded fifth Dan Black Belt in Thai Karate from Bayogra Khan.

He affiliated the club in AIKF, All India Karate Do Federation. He is now pursuing as the style Chief of FSKAI, with a numerous classes affiliated through him in Shotokan.

After several years of training in Karate, Alavi sensei was awarded 5th DAN BLACK BELT by JSKA (Japan Shotokan Karate Association) Chief Instructor, Abe Keigo. He was praised by the masters for his achievements and contributions in KARATE. Apart from karate Sensei has also mastered kalaripayattu, an ancient form of martial art spawned from the southern parts of India in the late Bc’s. His extensive knowledge in this art form also includes ayurveda treatment. He has also mastered 107 Marmmas (Pressure Points) and is also a practitioner in Unani Medicine with Marma (Pressure Points) treatments. Sensei’s widespread knowledge in kalaripayattu and Marmma (Pressure Points) also makes him exceptional Guru in Yoga. Being a Medical Practitioner, he also treats his patients with firm techniques in yoga.

Yoga was practiced by Kings and our ancestors as a part of treatment and also as method of preventing any sort of illness. Even today, lot of countries including USA, UK and other western countries practice Yoga not only as a part of treatment but for a right state of mind to prevent ageing.

Alavi Sensei is the most illustrious Yoga Guru and has been taking yoga classes all over Kerala.

With Usthad C Moosa Gurukal Kadambuzha