Yoga was practiced by Kings and our ancestors as a part of treatment and also as method of preventing any sort of illness. Even today, lot of countries including USA, UK and other western countries practice Yoga not only as a part of treatment but for a right state of mind to prevent ageing.

Today everybody has got a busy lifestyle and no one has the time to exercise or atleast walk a mile. The fast food we eat and the polluted air we inhale are major causes for todays sickness. To burn excess fat and remove waste from our body, there is no better excercise  routine than yoga.

Yoga can be practiced by anyone & anywhere without shedding a lot of sweat and hard workouts. Now, lets find out how yoga helps in curing illness and any other difficulties. When a person practice Yoga, all his internal organs like Heart, Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Urinary bladder, etc and each and every muscles in his/her body moves into a particular position. In this position the body will be forced to push out all the toxic waste and purifies the whole body bringing natural freshness to the person.

Religious View
Every religion teach us to take care of our body and maintain  fitness  in order to attain salvation.
Purifying one’s body and soul is the most essential part and essence of any religion. Even before prayers every religion demands cleanliness of the body and mind. Yoga is a way to purify both a body and mind at the same time, Hence helping a person to attain the essence of their religion.
“What path a person follows is not important but, how he follows is crucial. Whatever path one takes, at the end he/ she will reach a point where they question themselves about their body and mind. Practicing yoga helps you to keep a perfect control and balance of your body and mind, hence advising anyone & everyone to remember this and practice yoga ” – ALAVI SENSEI


Yoga practice at Noor Lake, Tirur
Yoga practice at Noor Lake, Tirur
Yoga practice at Noor Lake, Tirur